School closed because of snow

Jennifer Ayto

Snow 100 years ago also disrupted schooling.  The log-book for Monken Hadley Infants School (HALS/HEd2/4/2) recorded:

24 Feb 1916: Snow so deep that children were prevented from attending school.  Registers not marked as there are only 10 out of 44 present.

31 March 1916: On Tuesday owing to severe weather only 15 children present.

2 April 1917: A very heavy fall of snow.  Registers not marked as there were only 4 present in the morning and 5 in the afternoon.

3 April 1917: Snow so deep that the children were still unable to cross the Green – only 5 present.

4 April 1917: Very bad attendance during the week.  Many children ill – others unable to cross Hadley Green on account of deep snow.

16 April 1918: A heavy snow storm prevented the children from attending school today – only 9 present.

However, attendance was not affected by snow at Piccotts End, Hemel Hempstead (H Ed 1/27/1):

22 January 1917:  Attendance has improved although the roads create a record for being covered in a sheet of ice.  Boys have been able to slide all the way to school.


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