Home Guard


By Susannah Wallace

Hertingfordbury Home Guard
Susannah Wallace

My Grandfather is John Wallace. seated in the front row, 5th from the left.  He was a farmer at Munns Farm, Cole Green from 1930 to 1967 when he retired.

The picture shows the Hertfordshire Regiment in front of Mayflower Place.  It is the 3rd Battalion, Herts Home Guard, number 3A Company, number 1 Hertingfordbury Platoon.

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  • Hello Doris.T My ancestral line imcludes the Glazebrooks of Manchester. I was recently in Letty Green looking for a house in Woolmers Lane called “Glazebrook” wherein my late grandfather resided until 1938. I was unable to find the house; perhaps you know of it’s location and/or the history of the name. It was referred to in the July 1940 land registry entries as belonging to Mr and Mrs Scott. Clive Underwood…. Canada

    By clive underwood (15/11/2011)
  • Hi Stuart, Just taken a look at this picture again. My Uncle has the original copy with the names of all the members & I will endeavour to obtain the information when I visit him later in September so watch this space!! Susannah

    By Susannah Wallace (29/08/2011)
  • Wow. I love the photo. But do you know the names of any of the others in the picture. And what can you tell me about Hertingfordbury, Letty Green, in fact all the Greens, etc. Names of people. Have you ever met anyone by the name of Templeman, or Glassbrook/Glazebrook, or Waller? You say that your father lived at 1 Station Road. On one of our Census returns for Letty Green, has numbers alongside it. Like 38, 39, etc. Is this an actual address? Sorry to bombard you with questions, but I was so excited to see your item. Unfortunately my mother’s ancestors (Templeman) were poor people and we have no idea where in St Mary’s they are buried. Regards Edna (mothers name Templeman)

    By DorisT (04/06/2011)
  • My Father Eric John Tyler is on this photo, he is third from left in the middle row. He was born at 1 Station Road, Letty Green in 1905, he lived at 18 Council Cottages when this photo was taken. He was Verger and Caretaker of St Mary’s Church Hertingfordbury for well over 30 years. He died in 1970 aged 65 Stuart Tyler

    By Stuart Tyler (01/03/2011)