Howard Park in 1995

Children's play Area Norton Way South

By Viv Birch

These pictures were taken in 1995. Howard Park was redesigned in 2011. Note the fountain which was taken down in the early part of the twenty first century probably because of health and safety concerns. The children certainly got a few bruises playing on it and falling off it !

In the summer families gathered for picnics and ball games around the paddling pool which is probably one of the largest paddling pools in the South East.

The little girl is Nichola Birch daughter of Letchworth librarian Viv Birch. Nichola attended Lannock and Highfield schools in Letchworth before going on to study at Exeter University.


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  • Who ever actually fell off of the fountain? Come on now. No one fell off of it but we all loved it. Yes as kids we’d climb up it. But in the years that lived there as a child, I never heard of a single person that had an accident related to it. I was sad to see it gone

    By Cenzo (20/09/2020)