The development of Colney Heath

From Ordnance Survey maps 1881-1937

By C N

Colney Heath


  • During this period, the Ordnance Survey maps clearly demonstrate that there is very little change in the structure of the land.
  • Much of Roestock is still identical with the original farm still in place. although there are some, it is clear that very few buildings have been added
  • Other areas such as Bullens Green are also identical to the map of 1881.
  • The shape of Fredericks Wood and Tollgates Wood is also the same. However Fredricks Plantation has changed to Fredericks Wood, making it public ground.
  • Another change is that an old chalk pit on 1881 is not labeled on 1924 although the same remains indicating that it has been abandoned.
  • The large expanses of open fields indicate that this society is still deeply embedded in agriculture.


  • The Ordance Survey map shows that the county has been covered with two large roads, the Barnet Bypass and the North Orbital Road.
  • However some areas of the county have remained the same such as Hazel Grove, Chantry house and Downs Farm.
  • From the maps the area behind Colney Heath can be seen to have been heavily built upon.
  • In Roestock, a pumping station has been added and the Roestock Farm has been replaced with Roestock Gardens housing estate.
  • The roads going through the county have also caused an increase in surrounding buildings and an existing railway line has also been greatly expanded upon.
  • All this evidence suggests that this society is moving away from agriculture further towards industry.
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