Eleanor Cross

Waltham Cross

By Alan Fox

The photos shown are to do with Eleanor Cross and the area around it before it was made into a pedestrian area. The charity shop no longer exists, Fishpools has since expanded into two buildings. The cinema is now a Bingo Hall and the Woolworths has been replaced by Poundland. The owner George is still there.

The 242 bus used to go through the main road under the four swans leading onto Crossbrook Street. There are now shops outside the Shopping Pavilion in Eleanor Cross Road. The record store now known as Moondance used to be called Trumps and used to be inside the Pavilion. As did the Butchers. there used to be an indoor market inside the shopping centre. And as you can see from the pictures, they were taken before the bottom half of the Eleanor Cross was bordered up with mesh fencing at the bottom near the iron railings to stop the pigeons flying in.

The buses used to go through the pedestrian area past this histroic monument. Then to the bus station, since then, the buses now go through Eleanor Cross Road competely by-passing the pedestrian area inside the bus station. It was competely made over and now there is less car parking space. The Post Office is now in W.H. Smith. which used to be John Menzies.

These photos spark off a load of memories.  Are there any photos that spark memories for you?

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