The ATA Girls (Air Transport Auxiliary) World War Two

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The ATAgirls


The ATA Girls (Air Transport Auxiliary)

Who flew Spitfires, Hurricanes and other warplanes to the coast in WW2 from Hatfield De Havilland aerodrome.










“I said never, and he fell off the wing.”

Mary Ellis, of Harpenden, seated in her first Spitfire prior to delivery, was asked by the mechanic who helped her into the cockpit, “How many times have you flown one of these?”As she relates the story her face breaks into a smile. “I said never, and he fell off the wing.”

Also Rosemary Rees, Lettice Curtis, Margaret Fairweather and many more.


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  • Please get the name of the ATA right. It was the Air Transport Auxilliary.
    The idea that they “flew warplanes to the coast” is a bit of a strange concept, as what they actually did was ferry new, repaired and damaged military aircraft between factories, assembly plants, transatlantic delivery points, Maintenance Units (MUs), scrap yards, and active service squadrons and airfields.

    By Allan Lupton (12/02/2018)