David Tree

By Steve Whitlam

David Tree (born 15 July 1915 as David Tree Parsons in London — died 4 November 2009 in Welwyn Garden CityHertfordshire)

David was an English stage and screen actor from a distinguished theatrical family, whose career in the 1930s included roles in numerous stage presentations as well as in thirteen films produced between 1937 and 1941, among which were 1939’s Goodbye Mr. Chips and two of producer Gabriel Pascal‘s adaptations of Shaw classics: 1938’s Pygmalion, in which he portrayed Freddy Eynsford-Hill, and 1941’s Major Barbara, in which he was Charles Lomax.

David wrote a book about his life called Pig in the Middle.  He was a founder member of the Hoddesdon Society in 1961, established to protect the town from further inappropriate development after the Tower Block was built, The Bell was demolished and the Peacocks building replaced it.

His mother, Viola Tree, was a famous actress and was drawn by John Singer Sargent. She opened the Spinning Wheel Pool when it was built as an addition to The Spinning Wheel Roadhouse [Spinning Wheel refers to bicycles because cycling from London to Hoddesdon was once a popular past time]. 

The Parsons family live and own property at the top of Bell Lane, virtually opposite the Hertfordshire Golf Club. Mary Parsons, David’s widow, still lives there.

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  • The pub referred to in the above was the BULL not the Bell

    By Peter Lardi (11/01/2019)