Tornado Steam Locomotive at Welham Green 2009

First mainland steam train built for 50 years

By Richard Brockbank

The locomotive and carriages make their way northbound from King's Cross to York.

Short but excellent footage of the Tornado steam locomotive, paid for and built over a period of nineteen years by 2,000 volunteers. It finally moved under it’s own power in 2008. It is seen here hauling the Yorkshire Pullman coaches past Welham Green station. The video, posted on YouTube, is titled “60163 Tornado on the Yorkshire Pullman 18th April 2009”.

Click here to go to the A1 Steam Trust’s website (opens new window) where a wealth of information is available. There is also a book telling the story of the project, written by Jonathan Glancey, a journalist and architecture critic whom you may recognise from recent BBC documentaries about flight and the National Grid.

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  • This photo has special meaning for me – I was married to a founder of the A1 Trust, and my beloved aunt & uncle lived at Welham Green! 😁

    By J Winfer (16/10/2020)