Aldbury Valetta memorial

The cross at the site of the Valetta crash
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  • My husband’s uncle, John Noyce, was the “extra” person on this ill-fated flight. We hope to visit the site one day ….

    By Karen Barrett (11/01/2024)
  • The cross is still in situ , 22.1.23. Just along the path from Copse Lodge

    By Paul Aylott (23/01/2023)
  • Does anyone know if the Cross or the site is marked still ??

    By Jo (15/01/2023)
  • My uncle was on this plane, He died before I was born, I have heard so many stories about him and the horrendous accident, My uncle was officer Michael Shimwell. Much loved son of my Nan and Granddad Vera and Stanley. Rip.

    By Jo (08/01/2023)