St Albans

Spot the commemorative plaque

By Sarah Lloyd

The St Albans Heritage Forum is investigating the city’s current array of commemorative plaques which come, literally, in all shapes and sizes. Have we missed any? Contributions and comments would be very welcome.

Click on the thumbnails below to browse through the gallery. Add your comments at the bottom of the page or under any photo.

This page was added on 13/09/2010.

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  • The Moot Hall, involved in the Peasants’ Revolt, was on the site of the Court House in the 1832 Town Hall. This building (late 16th Cent) was the Town Hall and Compter. It has now been removed.

    By Gerard McSweeney (17/02/2011)
  • (Correction to last re Moot Hall) Should read “The plaque has now been removed” (Sorry!)

    By Gerard McSweeney (17/02/2011)

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