Broxbourne Secondary Modern School


By Paula Lachanudis

Courtesy of David Dent

Broxbourne Secondary Modern School

The almost completed buildings of Broxbourne Secondary Modern School, which was situated to the west of the Grammar School. It was officially opened on the 22nd October 1959 by Councillor C.D.B Williams, Chairman of Hoddesdon U.D.C.

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  • I went to Baas Hill Secondary School from 1965 and also The Broxbourne School when it became a comprehensive school having joined with The Broxbourne Grammer School in 1969? and where I continued until leaving 1971. I now live near Christchurch and would like to share memories of the two schools with anyone interested. Teachers Bywaters, Fiddaman, Miss Stevens, Miss Newman, Clive Ward, Peter Ruffles and many others that my brain cells may reveal with a jolt. I also appeared in the celebrated school photograph featured in the book by Mr Dent (one of the few pupils in the back row wearing a black blazer on a warm day!)

    By Stephen Elkins (06/10/2019)
  • I also attended Bass Hill, early 60’s and remembered the people’s names which have been mentioned, certainly makes you wonder what and where you school friends are now! .
    I am now settled in Peterborough for the last 45years.,and was wondering if ever there may be a reunion, would be good to go.
    From Pat Hall re ORFORD

    By Patricia Hall ne ORFORD (31/08/2019)
  • I attended Baas Hill school in the early 60’s and have lots of good memories. Mr Bywaters, Miss Stevens and Miss Torrants. I had a best friend called Susan Speirs, I often wondered what happened to her and others I was friends with. I now live in Bournemouth

    By Susan Bridges (24/08/2019)
  • Russell
    I have read your comments on the school we attended and would love to get in touch with you and catch up on old times if you would like to .
    Please contact Hertfordshire Archives who can put you in touch with me.
    Looking forward to reminiscing
    Best wishes
    Jeff Ruffell

    By Dawn Evans (20/05/2018)
  • I attended Baas Hill SMS 1965 to 1967 . Headmaster was R W “Billy” Bywater. Reflecting on my experiences many years later…I made some good fiends and enjoyed the extra curricular activities. However, the education, standards and culture were poor compared with my previous school in Devon. I believe matters improved considerably when it became a Comprehensive

    By C A Mason (16/09/2017)
  • Good and bad memories of Baas Hill from 1960 – 1964, headmaster Mr. Bywater and Mr. Fiddermen, I always remember our woodwork teacher I think his name was something like Mr idle or something like that, a really nice man, I had really good friends there like Warwick McCredie who was unfortunately killed in Marbella in a road accident in 2007 always my best friend from 1960.

    By Russell Smith (01/05/2017)

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