The George Pub in Broxbourne

A jar of arrowroot biscuits on the bar

A memory by Max Barrington


When I was a small child in the 50’s my parents would bring my brother and I to visit a pub called The George in Broxbourne It was on the left hand side of main road coming away from Hoddesdon. It was run by a couple whom we only knew as Uncle George Heggie/ Heggy and his wife Aunty Seel. I have  no idea what her name could have been – perhaps Pricilla or Sybil? I am not sure if they were even married.

A jar of arrowroot

My brother remembers them having a barrel of beer on the bar and filling customer’s glasses using an enamel jug. There was always a jar of arrowroot biscuits on the bar too. They also had a mynah bird who swore constantly. I remember them living in St Catherine’s Road which was not far from the pub. I would love to know more about them. I don’t think we were related as I can find no trace of them in my family history.

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  • My late father Mr Tom Elliott used to go to this pub regularly when we lived in Admirals Walk, Hoddesdon back in 1950/60s. On Sundays he always said he was going to church and it was years before I realised that this was The George, Spitalbrook.

    By Denise (Elliott) Elyot (02/04/2020)