A wartime home in Letchworth

By Daphne Knott

Display at Letchworth Library
Letchworth Library
memory display
Letchworth Library

During the Second World War, children were evacuated to Letchworth for safety. In a recent project, Letchworth library staff contacted some of the evacuees.

The display in these pictures shows some of the results of this.

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  • The brilliant Garden City Collection on Wilbury Hills Road has lots of information about the evacuees
    Tel: 01462 476075

    or go to their webpage:

    search evacuees

    By Ally Walker (27/09/2017)
  • Many happy memories Of Letchworth during World War Two living with relatives Alf and Ada Cater at 60 Pixmore Avenue.Returned to Birmingham in 1945 but started school in Lechworth,Miss Oliver was my teacher,I was a naughty little lad who bunked off and stole items from class,all ended when my mum found out.

    By Stanley Betterton (12/08/2014)
  • Hello, I am looking for information for Stella Finkelstein who was an evacuee.  Stella stayed at my mother’s home in Letchworth. Mom remembers her being a year or two older than she was so I am guessing she was born around 1933-1935.  Any ideas where I can look?  Thank you!  Janice (USA)

    By Janice Miller (13/06/2014)
  • Hi, I live in east Sussex and my father in law has just been to Letchworth to see the home he stayed in as a boy evacuee during ww2 it was a house in Common View. We are looking for boys and girls who stayed in the same home as him he is 85 now and we had gone to Letchworth only the other day 13 Aug as it was a birthday treat. Looked round some places (what’s same and not) and had something to eat out. (im also looking on behalf of grandad )people who lived at the same home as he did at that time. O) ….he remembers that his school teacher always went by surnames……….

    By Carol Hicks (14/08/2013)
  • My father was evacuated to Letchworth with his mother and younger brother during the war. I s there any information or organisations I can tell him about? He often talked of Letchworth, and his cousins and aunt whom lived there, and whom they stayed with during the war years.

    By celia goth (03/08/2013)