The Knights Templar School Anniversary Page

Celebrating 75 Years

By Sara Levesley

Without doubt, The Knights Templar School is entering one of the most exciting phases in its history. 2014-2015 will be our 75th Anniversary Year.  We were founded the day after the start of the  Second World War in 1939 to serve the people of Baldock and the  surrounding villages. 

To mark the occasion of our 75th birthday, we are planning a range of events due to take place throughout the next academic year and we would like to keep you updated about these.  If you would like to receive emails from the school about our upcoming celebrations, please email us directly using the link below.   

We are also looking for school related memories and memorabilia that local residents may have.  If you have photos that include the school, or old uniform, old books, old newspaper articles relating the school or indeed, anything at all that we could use in a display, please email 

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  • Just seen this photo. Vincent

    Looking at this photo today I was amazed to see my cousin
    Vincent Lachowich. If anyone has any more
    I would.d like to hear from you. Vincent now lives in

    By Wanda shaw (19/02/2021)
  • That’s my Brother Tony Wilkins

    By Robert Wilkins (25/10/2020)
  • hi sarah . i was a pupil at baldock secondary modern from

    1956 to 1960 . thats me in white shorts on right -hand side

    and its tony warren flying through the air. school open day

    1958 -1959 .and the grass mound in the back ground was the schools air raid shelter ( later used for storage)

    also bill stevenson in ivanhoe picture is now a professor at a cambridge college( big time)

    also in my first year 1956 . three child refugees from the

    hungarian uprising were placed in my class by head  mr lennqx

    thats it? Please contact me through the website.

    By gary lee hendricks (14/08/2014)