Cheshunt Grammar School 1st XI

Cheshunt Cricket Club 1969

By Nicholas Blatchley

Cheshunt Grammar School 1st XI
from Keith Marshall's Facebook page

Cheshunt Grammar School Ist XI vs Cheshunt Cricket Club, 1969, at Cheshunt Cricket Club.

In this picture (left to right) ?Dave Pettifer?, Steve Dowling, John Forester, Keith Marshall (in white cap), someone hidden, Alan Pilgrim (captain in dark cap), someone else hidden, Roger Clark (Games Master at rear), Andrew Pearson (wicket-keeper), ?Colin Mudge? (almost hidden), Dave Perkins.

From Keith Marshall’s Facebook page

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  • Roger Clark
    What a man!
    He was a great teacher who know how to instill a sense of ‘Elan’ in a sports team.I have him to thank for getting me to the U16 County Team in rugby and an England schoolboy trial. Rugby and Cricket were his passions and he took my year group to some great sporting triumphs. He was a brash, open, honest sports teacher. He’d probably be sacked in these days of political correctness!
    He was also able to talk about real life. I recall a few lessons where he departed from the curriculum and instead talked about current events and some things which had happened in his life. True education. Respect.
    he still lives in the same house in Cheshunt

    By Andy S (11/06/2022)
  • I remember these lads. I was particularly friendly with Bob Pettingale. Great picture. Thank you. Sue Adams

    By Susan Peet Adams (07/07/2018)
  • Thanks for posting this, and for the link, Nicholas.

    What happened to your brother Simon, who was in my year at CGS?

    By Keith Marshall (23/01/2015)
  • Some familiar faces here and looking so young! Steve Dowling, John Forrester and Andy Pearson were all in my year at the school.

    By Gill Munro (20/10/2014)