Pupil at Burleigh 1965-1971


By Bob Hilder

I remember some lovely teachers at this school. Mr Ebeling, Mrs Hickman, Miss Webb and Mrs Garment. There were also two teachers who today would not be allowed to teach as they were bullies. Miss Childs used to slap you if you made a mistake and Mrs Witney would humiliate and make you feel very small in front of the class. We had a lad in our class who had a terrible stammer and Mrs Witney made him stand up and shouted at him to pronounce his sentences without stammering. I have some good memories and some very bad memories.

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  • I was there from 58-64. I remember Miss Childs as a strict but kind teacher, Mrs Witney as not particularly nice, Mr Cabot and Mr Cuthbert, Miss Tyler, Miss Drew, Mrs Garment and I think I Miss Holdstock. And of course Mr Oldacre.

    By Mark Edwards (08/11/2020)
  • That’s interesting. I was at Burleigh 1959-1965, so I must have just missed you. I remember all those teachers, apart from Mr Ebeling. The only male teachers I remember were Mr Cuthbert, Mr Cabot and of course Mr Oldacre, the headmaster while I was in the juniors. When I first went there, Miss Day was in charge. Other teachers I remember were Miss Drew, Miss Tyler and Mrs McKeown (not sure if that’s the right spelling).

    By Nicholas Blatchley (10/02/2013)