Gews Corner School



This a picture of the teachers at the school in about 1948.


Some of them are: Mr Pearl; Mr Rann (nickname Trot); Mr Pretty (Sid); Mr Dimmer; Mrs Brown, Geography teacher; Mrs Long.

Do you recognise anybody else in the picture. Perhaps you attended the school?


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  • I have found my mum’s school report 17/12/1951 -Gew’s Corner Secondary Modern School Cheshunt

    Janet Liddard
    Form : 5B
    number in Form 28
    Headmaster: Mr Oldacre

    Mum lived 15 Clarendon Road Cheshunt.
    Would love to hear from anyone who was in mum’s year or who knew her.
    Now lives near Kings Lynn , Norfolk
    Mum is age 84

    Jayne Carter ( daughter)

    By Jayne Carter (10/10/2023)
  • I was at the school from 1965 to 1972. Clear memories of Mrs. Dobra, who I remember as very kind, and Mrs. Brooks, who could be terrifying. There was also Mr. Andrews, who started a really interesting Roman history club. Vague memories of Mr. Hand but Mr. Klinke was the Head for most of my time there. I also remember him as being quite stern but kind. I went on to Cheshunt Grammar just before it lost its grammar school status, although it continued to operate a streaming system and functioned as a grammar school in all but name.

    By J Bateley (06/01/2023)
  • I was at gews corner school 1948 to 51 my name was Janet Wilkinson now Atkinson. I moved to New Zealand in 1963 and I’m still here. IT is now xmastime and very hot.

    By Janet Atkinson (16/12/2022)
  • I went to this school in1947

    By Brian Clark (24/04/2022)
  • I joined the school in 1953 and mr pearl and mr pretty were at the school then, mr pearl was indeed a softie and didn’t stand a chance with the likes of some of the guys l hung around with. For some reason l was given the nickname Pip which stayed with me throughout my time there and teachers called me pip also. Mr pretty was a different story he was indeed a strict disciplinarian and if you took a chance you would regret it.
    One time my friend terry smart ( latter the initial drummer in cliff richards group ) had an issue with mr pretty and they slugged it out in the classroom with us all watching, at the end with no winner we resumed class, there were no form of reprimands against terry that’s how mr pretty was. The deputy headmaster was mr bates, basher was his nickname, and well earned. Best policy was to stay clear, he carries his cane stuck up the sleeves of his jacket which slid out very quickly and dealt a painful penalty if caught doing a misdemeanour.l sampled the cane from a few teachers both on hands and the bum, oooch !!! By blackboard compass on one occasion, you never told your parents. The cane was also in those times given by the headmistress to wayward girls.l enjoyed my time there, the sporting facilities were very good. I left at 15 years old and joined the Royal Air Force as an apprentice which you could do in them days, l hope there’s a few more old duffers still about, best wishes, Mick (pip)

    By michael wright (15/03/2022)
  • Fab find.
    Mr Pearl was my music teacher at Cheshunt Secondary school. And Mr Pretty ( Sid) was my class and maths teacher. He was tough and a chain smoker a after lessons. His fingers were yellow with nicotine. I liked him though, even if he did call me ‘Dead from the neck up’ I used to go into a foggy zone . Not good at maths. And oh! Logarithms .
    Mr Pearl was a sweet man. He suffered from the unruly element in class. His pet word was’ exasperated’
    He cycled everywhere. I hear he came to his end that way. A 10 1 think.
    I wish I’d payed more attention to his music lessons.
    Circa 1961-66

    David J Wright

    By David J Wright (14/03/2022)
  • I went to.Gews corner school about 1937 the only teacher in the photo that was there then was Mr Rann.I was in his.class before I left. The teachers there at that time wereMissTodd,Miss Smith Miss Gillette,MrGoodall,Mr Tipper,Mr Rann, and theHead Mr Drake.

    By Jim Green (30/10/2020)
  • I attended Gews Corner School from 1962-64, having moved down from near Sunderland in my primary school years. I think the locals found my ‘geordie’ accent amusing and I soon lost it. I remember 2 of the teachers in this photo, Mr. Dimmer and Mr. Rann. I was initially in Mrs. Kerslake’s class, then the formidable Mrs. Brooks (of ‘slipper’ fame) and, finally, Mr. Rann before going on to Cheshunt Grammar School (CGS) in 1964. I was in the GC football and cricket teams and we reached the final of the District Cup football competition in 1963 or 1964, drawing 1-1, after extra-time, with Dewhurst. I subsequently became Head Boy at CGS and went on to study Medicine at university. I am now a semi-retired Consultant Cardiologist and Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine.

    By Stephen Campbell (26/06/2020)
  • I went to Gews Corner 1955-1961. I remember the teachers as MIss Price, Miss Ryde, Mrs May, Mrs Culver, Mr Dimmock, Mrs Brooks and Mr Rann. Mr Oldacre was the Head. Mr Dimmer took the sports teams and we played on the small pitch at Grundy Park. We also managed to win the cricket cup in my final year. I remember I sat next to Peter Wilmott. Others in my class were David Adams. Peter Harnett, Janis Olah, Susan Gouldthorpe, John Murphy, Roger Halle and Ivor Clark who was the milk monitor. Love to hear from any of my classmates.

    By David Milburn (01/12/2019)
  • imagine my surprise to see an old photograph of teachers at Gews Corner school. Back row I think was Mr Dimmer, Mr Fairweather, Mr Pretty, Mr Rann, Mr Pearl? Front row was Mrs Brown, Mrs May, Mr Gogan (Headmaster), Miss Grimwood and Mrs Long. I attended the British School from he 1940s until 1951 when I transferred to Gews Corner at 9 years old. My first teacher was a Miss Bassett who drove a 1935 Morris 8. I remember Mr Oldacre a very nice man. I finally moved to Norfolk in 1970. How strange that Nigel Riddell lived at 13 Turners Hill. I also lived at 13 Turners Hlill from 1940s until approximatly 1947 I also remember Tom Culpeck he was in the same class as me, the teacher was Mrs Brown.

    By Peter Lawrence (04/09/2018)
  • I remember Mr Klinckie. I always remember he was ok to me. Who rembers the wall on its own in the playground. Miss Budge. Horse mad. X

    By Caroline De Silva ne Wallis (13/07/2018)
  • I only just found this page and I am delighted. I went to Gews Corner. I loved Mr Dimmock Mrs Brooks and Mr Rann. Mr Rann was scary but also lovely. I also lived in Bullwell Crescent. I think I joined the school in about 1957 and went on to Chestnut Grammar School. I have recently re-visited the school (as a Teacher ) and was astounded to see the Head’s office exactly as it was. The hall was so small though, cannot believe we did country dancing in there. My Head teachers were Mr Oldacre followed by Mr Hand. Susan Adams

    By Susan Peet nee Adams (29/05/2018)
  • My first years were at the british school college rd,from sept 1936 to july 1940. I stared at gews corner school in september first teacher was miss smith.class 3a, followed by mrs long 4a, missers tipper 5a, miss gillette 6a and mr rann 7a. mr drake was headmaster throughout my wartime schooling there. i remember marching accross the playground to the air raid shelter when the siren sounded. in the winter a fond memory was if temperature fell below freezing the caretaker would pour buckets of water on a certain part of the playground to make a terrific slide for us.(no health and saftey then). after reading the memories of ex pupils, mine are different jobs i had before and after school. paper round at lock & stones 7 days a week,various saturday jobs peter hill for ansties dairy bill barret greengrocer both with horse &carts. and finally friday afternoon after school delivering groceries on a trades bike for mr wade of turnershill until i left school. my elder sister enid older brothers ray & colin and younger sister margaret also attended gews corner. sorry no photos, i think they where band during the war. Brian barltrop

    By Brian barltrop (08/03/2018)
  • I went to Gew’s corner school in 1938. The headmaster was Mr Drake and I hated the public caning of naughty boys in morning assembly. I liked Mr Rann’s lessons on Geography it was my main subject from then on. On Empire Day we all went outside and the Union Jack was flown from the pole and we sang the National Anthem. I moved to the Grammar school in 1940.

    By Violet Bodman (then) (18/12/2017)
  • I was at Gews Corner School in the late thirties and I left in 1939 and I remember Mrs. Long very well as she was the last teacher I had before I left and moved to Hoddesdon at the outbreak of WW2. She was a lovely person. I also remember Mr. Rann but he never taught me

    Beatrice Hadder nee Howarth

    By Beatrice Hadder (12/11/2017)
  • I think I started there in 1956 and would have left to go on to Cheshunt Grammar in 1963. I remember our outrage when workmen came and tore down the ivy that covered the front of the school, live birds nests included. I fondly remember Mr Grey, as a kindly man for those distant times. But especially Miss Critchley who used to let some of us sit on a lion skin, complete with head, on Friday afternoons while she read to us. She kept the skin in a cupboard next to her desk and told us that it was shot by her grandfather!

    Mr Evans and Mr Hebdon were characters to remember, both excellent teachers. And I can’t leave out Mr Huggins who used to have a doze at his desk of an afternoon, while we all quietly read.

    It really was a different world then!

    By Ray Hart (26/04/2017)
  • I started at Gews Corner in 1965 and left in 1971 to go to Cheshunt School so the photograph is a bit before my time. Messrs Dimmer and Rand were still there in my early years but they retired I think before I was old enough to be taught by them. Initially the head master was Mr Hand but he left around 1968 to be replaced by Mr Klinckie. For those of us who watched the TV programme Hogans Heroes where the incompetent POW camp commandant was Colonel Klink the name alone was comedy gold. Don’t remember anything else about him being funny though. Those who had the dubious privilege of teaching me included:
    Mrs Dobra – a bit too scary for a timid five year old.
    Miss Ryde – a very kind lady; my writing became legible at last. Class was based in the canteen.
    Miss Cull – this might have been her first teaching job and she seemed more scared of Mr Klinckie than the pupils. Her writing was so tiny she had to use two blackboards so the whole class could see what she was writing. Or did I make that up? I’m not sure – it was long time ago.
    Mr Andrews – taught me for most of my final two years at what was by then Pentbrook School. Very fond memories of that time especially the class trip to the Scottish highlands where Mr Andrew’s friend was the headmaster of a village school. An eye opening insight into a different, much less at least in material terms, priveliged world.
    Mrs Brooks – taught the other final year class so never taught me. Seemed to be the heart and soul of the school and in charge of dispensing discipline. A number of afternoon lessons went by the board while she interrogated some lunchtime miscreant from the less senior classes. Judges Judy and Rinder could have learned a thing or two I’m sure. I recall being there for the free show sometimes but I can’t remember why. I’m sure I wasn’t in the dock.
    A happy time although I’m sure it wasn’t all beer and skittles. My mother still lives in Cheshunt and I pass the end of Gews Corner when I visit – always makes me think.

    By Nick Harris (03/03/2017)
  • Hi Barry. I went to Burleigh School when Mr Oldacre was headmaster there, and I had exactly the same experience – they taught us to write in italics (which was lovely) but when I went to Cheshunt Grammar they said we could use any handwriting style except italics. Non-joined-up education isn’t a new thing.

    By Nicholas Blatchley (01/03/2017)
  • From my school reports I see my class teachers were Mr. J. Dimmer in 1959 and R.H. Powell in 1960. That must be a Miss Powell as I remember my class teacher at one time in 1960 being a woman. May be wrong. Headmaster was Mr. Oldacre. We learned to write in italics and when I moved and started a new school they told me not to write in italics!! Go figure.
    I don’t know if this is allowed here but I’d love to hear from anyone who attended Mr. Dimmer’s class in ’59, or (miss?) Powell’s class im 1960. On Facebook under Barry Nash or reply here.

    By Barry Nash (23/02/2017)
  • I attended Gew’s Corner 1958-1960. I lived just a short walk away in Bullwell Crescent. Does anyone know the names of teachers who would have taught during that time?
    Mr Rann (Trot) sure rings bells. I still have my school reports for ’59 and ’60! I am writing a book at the moment about my life in music and remembered standing on a chair singing Don Lang’s “Witch Doctor” in front of the whole class, aged 7 years! My very first public performance (when not really public)! I am still musically active at 66 and this little performance starts my book! A school chum I vividly remember was Richard Foxcroft.

    By Barry (22/02/2017)
  • I went to this lovely school from Burleigh at 5 in 1953. Me Oldacre was the headmaster and as mentioned Mr Rann. a teacher never forgotten for his strict way’ rubber throwing and creeping up behind you as you worked at the desk to see what you were doing. For some reason I still loved the school and have fond memories. Even dashing to the toilet block at the bottom of the playground. I went on to Cheshunt Grammar in 1959. Names I remember are Janet Sell. Elaine Nicholas. Also the lovely rocking horse that graced the assembly hall. The mond outside the school always released any remaining energy left as we came out from school.

    By Laura Savage nee Cornhill (04/01/2017)
  • I attended , with my brother Stewart from 1961 until passing my 11+ went to Cheshunt Grammer, I remember Mr Rann and Mrs Brooks, also Mr
    s Livermore, Mrs May and the head Mr Oldacre , Loved school days and remember them fondly…even if it is lifetime ago….
    Sue Knight (Graham)

    By SueKnight nee Graham (29/12/2016)
  • My school memories of of Gews Corner between 1958 and 1965 was taught by all the old teachers, but the head changed midway through my time to Mr Hands, Mr Dimmer took the football team during my time and many happy memories including being taught by Mr Rann, ducking and diving from his board rubber, also Mrs brooks slipper. Went on to Gofffs Grammar for further good times. Education set my up for the path forward moved to Norfolk in 1970 and still here with supre family and friends, still like visiting the old place though.

    By David ford (02/12/2015)
  • I was at Gew’s Corner School from 64-68. Mr Rann retired in 1967, the year before I was expecting to join his class. I still remember the relief at the narrow escape. Mrs Brooks taught me in my class of 43 children for the whole of the last two years, since she took over the top class from Mr Rann. She was formidable but excellent. She must have been near retirement herself by that time. In my first year at the school Mr Dimmer was my teacher, I remember him as kindly and capable. Mr Hand was  the Head. Miss Slade was a young music teacher. PE was taught by a sadist who used to beat boys with the end of the climbing ropes in the hall. His name escapes me. Neil Brown


    By Neil Brown (17/10/2015)
  • Jack Dimmer was my grandfather, and the aforementioned Geoff Dimmer is my uncle. I attended Gews Corner somewhere between 1965-1968 I was 4-7 years old.  Jack Dimmer was a fine English teacher. I was a pupil in his class.  He taught me the phrase “its a matter of imbugerance” to use when responding to a question where you do not know the answer. We lived with them for a few years at 13 Turners Hill opposite the library. Memories of Grundy Park off of Windmill lane where we would walk Rex the golden lab.  Thank you for allowing me to share my wonderful memories   

    By Nigel Riddell (29/07/2015)
  • I was at Gews Corner school from the time I was 7 years old in about 1952.  We were transferred there from Burleigh as there were so many children (it being just after the war) and Gews Corner (which had originally been a senior school) was made  a primary school and designated for children who lived on a particular side of the Cambridge Road.  I was there until I left in 1957.  Messrs. Pearl and Pretty transferred to the new Cheshunt Secondary School, as did Mrs. Long, although she stayed at Gews Corner until at least 1957.  She was formidable and as I couldn’t sew to save my life, she made my life a misery in sewing class!  Mr. Rann also was a person to be reckoned with. The rumour was that he had been a sergeant major in the army and he had brought this kind of discipline with him to teaching.  I learned very little in his class, as I spent most of my time being terrified and shaking in my boots!  I remember Mr. Ives, Mr. Dimmer, Mrs. May, Mrs. Brooks and Miss Ryde (ex Burleigh).  Mr. Oldacre was the headmaster and he could remember the name of every child in the school.  What a lovely man he was!

    By Susan Morris (25/02/2015)
  • Hallo again, With reference to my last comment on the 11/03/2014, I would like to add that I may have been wrong about the nationality of Mr Sid Pretty; he may have been Indian as I now remember the name of the ship which was Captained by his Brother, it was the JALJAWAHA, perhaps some of the pupils will remember the day Mr Preety took us to visit it. The ship was renamed the STATE OF MADRAS in 1954 and scrapped in the 1970’s

    By Tom W.H. Culpeck (27/03/2014)
  • Hallo, I was at Gew’s Corner school until I was 15 years old in December 1950, I joined the RAF in January 1951 as a Boy Entrant and I now live in Holland. I remember most of the teachers in the photograph except back row second from left and last on the right. Front row second from left. When I joined the School Mr Drake was Headmaster my last Head Master was Mr Cogan and my last teacher was Mr Sid Pretty who was a Navigator in the RAF during WW2 and came from South Africa. His Brother was the Captain of a South African merchant ship and we had a day out to visit that ship when it was docked in London in the late 40s. My sister Pat who will 80 on the 5th of April 2014 was also a member of Gews Corner school she left around April 1949 Tom Culpeck 07-03-2014

    By Tom W.H. Culpeck (07/03/2014)
  • I went to Gews Corner school from the mid-50’s to 1961 when I went on to Broxbourne Grammar School. The teachers I remember were Mrs Price, Miss Ryde, Mrs May Mr Dimmer, Mrs Brooks and the infamous Mr. Rann. Mr. Oldacre was the headmaster at the time. My younger brother also went to the school. I am doing fine all of these years later, in good health, still running three or four times every week and one or two half marathons a year, and living in beautiful Vancouver Canada with wife Marjory and our two lovely children aged 8 and 10 years. They keep me young! Would love to hear from any old friends and acquaintances; hope you are all well!

    By John Murphy (21/02/2014)
  • I went to Gews Corner in the late 60’s and Mr Dimmer was my teacher, happy times. I also remember the formidable Ms Brooks & the head master at the time was Mr Hand. I think Mr Klinkie came in as head just as it was name changing to Pentbrook. I went on to Turnford for a couple of years before moving north.

    By Paul Haikney (21/01/2014)
  • Jack Dimmer was my father and I was at Gews Corner School from 1945 until July 1948 when I started work. My uncle, Jack Wade was Mary’s father and therefore it would appear that Mary must be my cousin.

    By Geoff Dimmer (30/11/2013)
  • I joined Gew’s Corner School from Turnford Infant’s Shool and left X Mas 49. I knew all the teacher’s except the lady sitting next to Miss Grimwood, who mother had a shop on Clarondon Parade. In my final years my class teacher was Mr Sid Pretty.Some of my class Names Were, Colin Duff, Brian Pottinger, Frank Beer

    By Michael H Johnson (30/05/2013)
  • I was at Gews Corner for 2 years until summer 1948 when I went to Cheshunt Grammar. The teacher second from the left on the back row is Mr. Fairweather who taught me. The headteacher in the middle is Mr. Cogan.

    By Michael Ebeling (01/05/2012)
  • The man standing top left is Jack Dimmer who was my uncle. He was Deputy head for many years at Gews Corner School. He and my aunt lived in Turners Hill opposite the library, a few doors away from my father’s grocer shop W. E. Wade and Son at no 21 where I spent my childhood.

    By Mary Hutson (28/08/2011)
  • I was at Gew’s Corner School and left aged 14.4 yrs in July 1949. Next to Mrs Long is Miss Grimwood and I think in the back row is Mr Clarke (dark wavy hair, tall who later married Miss Grimwood). My brother was also at Gew’s Corner (2 Years younger than myself) leaving at 11+ to go to Hertford Boys’ Grammar School. I was also there when the infants class from the British School was transferred from 1 year in a classroom at Cheshunt Grammar School. We lived in Hillside Ave off Crossbrook Street Cheshunt.

    By margaret cole (nee nau) (31/05/2010)