Burleigh School, Cheshunt

Mr Cuthbert's Class

Mr Cuthbert's Class

This is Mr Cuthbert’s class in 1971.

The school colours were purple tie with a deep yellow bllouse for the girls and grey shirts and sweaters for the boys. The reason for purple ties was that it was the headmistress’s favourite colour.

The Headmisstress was at one time Miss Day; during the Lord’s Prayer, some children would say, ‘Give us Miss Day, our daily bread’!

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  • I think that was me sitting down 3nd in from front Ricky Thorogood behind me was my girlfriend Sally Jay

    By Ricky Thorogood (07/04/2024)
  • Mr Cuthbert was a very nice man. I never had him as a class teacher but i remember his friendly and open manner.
    He did an assembly which was very memorable once. He was a Bomb Aimer in the RAF flying Lancasters during WW2. He told some of his story as a 19 year old RAF aircrew and what he faced. His main point was that war films are not accurate. They didn’t show the desperate and horrific aspects of warfare but just the heroism. He knew the truth from his own service and wanted to educate us. It must have been a very emotional assembly for him personally. For him to be able to talk about his awful war must have taken some exceptional strength and fortitude. I’ve always remembered this
    assembly he gave. I salute your bravery and memory Mr Cuthbert!

    By Andy Strange (19/10/2023)
  • This picture must have been the September term of 1971. I was also in Mr. Cuthberts class in 71 but we left for secondary school in the summer. i recognise a couple of faces but not names as they were really a year below me. Apart from you Kevin Noonan.

    By Tony Hawkes (09/06/2023)
  • I think the girl in the second row 5th from left is my sister jane woodland and on her left is her friend julie swift

    By robert woodland (15/06/2016)
  • I think Jane Sutton is in the second row, fifth from the right.

    By Pat Bennison (10/01/2016)
  • I’m second from the left in the front row. I have the same photo at home and can name most – if not all – the pupils. The school football kit was purple shirt with yellow trim, yellow shorts and yellow/purple socks. Awful!

    By Kevin Noonan (25/05/2010)