New Star Inn, Wormley

The price of a pint (or gallon!) in 1916

By Daryk A

New and Old Star Inn, Wormley, circa 1910
New and Old Star Inn, Wormley, circa 1925

It was in 1916, taken from the Herts Mercury, that Mr L Phipps was disclosed as being the proprietor of the New Star Inn, Wormley.  This was at a time when McMullens AK Ale sold at 27 shillings for 18 gallons, 13 shillings and 6 pence for 9 gallons, and 6 shillings and 9 pence for 4 and a half gallons.  This equates to 2 pence and a farthing per pint.

Mr Phipps’ descendant, Mr Arthur L.J.Phipps, is currently living in Hoddesdon.

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