Can you identify this picture?

By Nicholas Blatchley

Brewery Rd Sch 1917 - Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies

According to an inscription on the back of the photo, these determined-looking little girls are from “Brewery Rd Sch 1917”, with the suggestion “may be Bushey? or ?”

Do you know a Brewery Rd School that was open at that time?  Do you recognise the grounds, or even any of the children?  If so, we’d love to hear from you.


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  • My mum was born in St. Albans in 1918. I have a photo of her, taken circa 1923, in which she is wearing a similar white dress and big bow in her hair as the girls in this photo. She went to Alma Road Council School in St. Albans. Alma Road runs along the end of Alexandra Road where she and my grandparents lived at the time. This information may date the photo of the mystery schoolchildren to the Alma Road School, St. Albans, in the early 20th century.

    By Maureen Taylor (28/07/2021)
  • Many thanks. That certainly looks a plausible match, although it’s difficult to tell with so little of the building being visible in the original photo.

    By Nicholas Blatchley (18/10/2017)
  • There was a school in Southend, Essex of that name. Build in 1892 Brewery Road school was later to become Porters Grange.
    The picture on this link shows similar railings:

    By Ally Walker (07/10/2017)