Wheathampstead in 1918

Photograph of the Ford Near Marford

Ford Near Marford, Wheathampstead, 23 October 1918

This photograph was taken on 23 October in 1918.

It was found in Wheathampstead Library – does anyone know any more about it and who the lady in her Edwardian dress could be?

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  • Just a thought. I wondered if it could be a May Walker photograph. She was a keen photographer and artist and travelled around on her motor cycle from Redbourn taking and painting pictures normally with her life time companion Miss. Apthorpe who could be the subject.

    By John Halsey (20/12/2012)
  • Having made this picture my desktop/screensaver, it is enlarged enough for me to see that the lady seems to be holding what looks like a small wooden painting box for outdoor sketching or for watercolours. She looks as if she could be sketching or preparing to paint. And there appears to be a man coming down the lane beneath the trees towards her. The gate leads up the drive where I once lived. Today it leads to private property called The WaterSplash and a house, Long Meadow.

    By Claire B Roberts (18/12/2012)
  • This is the river at the bottom of Sheepcote Lane just past Marford farm. Today the water runs under the road through large pipes but there is still a footbridge, it has railings now. No idea who the lady is.The lane would continue up to the railway crossing where once stood the crossing keepers house. Today the CoryWright Way cuts across the land just past this bridge behind the gate. In the sixties five caravans stood on the land behind the gate, I grew up there.

    By Mrs. Claire B. Roberts nee Milton (04/06/2012)