at The Ritz Potters Bar

By Rod Siebke

The Ritz Cinema Potter Bar
Local newspaper advertisment
The Mark Four-- Eddie Phillips,Kenny Pickett,Jack Jones Mick Thompson & John Dalton--On stage at The Ritz
The Mark Four--Eddie,Jack & Kenny--Hey Mona!
The Mark Four--Eddie & Kenny--I've Got My Mojo Workin'
The Mark Four-Eddie,Kenny,Jack,Mick & John--Rockin' The Ritz

On Monday 17th May 1965 rhythm and blues band Them featuring Van Morrison on vocals played two shows at The Ritz Cinema, Potters Bar. Also on the bill was Screaming Lord Sutch and His Seven Savages. Support acts were The Zephyrs,The Mark Four from Cheshunt,The Prophets from Enfield and Kerri Clark.Here are some photographs of The Mark Four performance that evening. Were you there? Let us know.

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  • I remember Van Morrison threatening to walk off if the rockers at the front (who were there for Screaming Lord Sutch) didn’t shut up. They didn’t so he did. Luckily he came back on and rocked Potters Bar with Gloria and Here Comes the Night. Needless to say, nobody believes me when I tell people Van played Potters Bar.

    By Russ Hickman (27/07/2019)