Junior School Class


By Geoff Webb

Junior School Class 1985
Geoff Webb

Rear (left to right): Julie Paynter, Cora Glasser, Lindsay Brimley, Andrew Jackson, Craig McGee, Colin Whish, Duncan Langstone, Edna Lindfield (teacher).

Middle (left to right): Christopher Bryan, Gary Mimer, Anthony Brereton, Andrew Fox, Paula Rixon, Zoe Crittenden, Nicole Parkin, Tracey Clarke.

Front (left to right): Nerreda Godden, Danielle Flitton, Robert Vanston, Anthony Brerreton  , Alex Lovejoy, Wayne Carnegie, Karen Smith.

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  • Hi Mark, Thanks for the information. I have updated the site. Geoff

    By Geoff Webb (21/01/2012)
  • Front row missing name is Anthony Brerreton

    By Mark church (18/01/2012)