The Boys Choir at St Peter's Church, St Albans 1973

By Andy Lawrence

St Peter's Church Choir around 1973
Andy Lawrence

St Peter’s Church Choir around 1973


The names (I think) I can remember are:

Top row:        Colin Hyde, Michael Mills, Howard Slater (Head Boy), Turner, Andy Lawrence, Adrian Joliffe.

Middle row:   Jonathan Doar, Malcolm Hyde, Mark Pickering, David Bell (Choirmaster and Organist), Simon Jackson, unknown, unknown.

Bottom row: Nicholas Berry, Robert Titmus, unknown, Grahame Joliffe, unknown, Grant McNaughton, Andrew Jackson, Philip Vaughan.

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  • Lovely photo of choir boys!

    By Colin Hazell (30/05/2020)
  • I am Colin Hyde top left, my brother Malcolm is second from left middle row.

    Don’t recall the picture being taken.

    We must of left shortly after as our voices broke, didn’t see the fun of the organ blowing up.

    By Colin Hyde (12/05/2020)
  • Unbelievable great to see this! Thanks for the names. Andy got me although Colin was brother of Malcolm!!

    A lot of sweets were passed around that choir during services. The sweet shop in Hatfield Rd being the go to “tuck shop”….

    By Malcolm Hyde (12/05/2020)
  • Yes it is me Colin Hyde and Malcolm my brother.
    I don’t recall the photograph being taken though.

    Mr Wilkinson used to clip us around the ear if we were too noisy.

    Howard Slater used buy sweets and share them around during the sermon.

    David Bell was a fantastic organist. Always wanted me to do a solo, but never did. One of my biggest regrets as I am sure it would have built my confidence. Finally did a solo for a Carol service in 2017!

    By Colin Hyde (12/05/2020)
  • I remember Adrian Joliffe. He was at Townsend School when I taught there in the late 70s.
    I joined the choir some 30 years later, after teaching in the Middle East.
    It is still going strong.
    Keith Aldred.

    By Keith Aldred (29/03/2020)
  • I remember Adrian Joliffe. He was at Townsend School when I taught there.
    I have been in the choir since 2007, a relatively short time compared to others!

    By Keith Aldred (29/03/2020)
  • Very interesting!

    By Colin hazell (21/03/2020)
  • Thanks Andy. 1973 was the year that the organ shown gave its last with smoke billowing into the chancel at a Christmas carol service.

    By Graham Jolliffe (06/03/2020)
  • Super photo

    By Colin Hazell (17/02/2020)
  • Turner is me Peter Turner. My brother Simon must have just left.

    By Peter Turner (17/03/2019)
  • This was just after my time in the sopranos but I recognise and knew some of the members named. I was in the choir from about 1965 to 1973.

    By Tony Hodge (23/12/2018)
  • BTW, Hart is third from left, front row. I think Hunt is the lad to the right of me in the picture.

    By Jon Doar (18/12/2018)
  • One of them must be ‘Hunt’. I always remember him getting yelled at and the piano lid getting slammed!

    By Jon Doar (18/12/2018)
  • on the bottom row, the 5th boy from the left is me Richard Hughes

    By Richard Hughes (07/11/2018)
  • Great picture.
    I was an Alto in the Mens Section of the choir at this time.
    There were approx 10-12 men.
    David Bell was a recording artist for EMI and travelled the world as a musician.
    I would like to know what happened to him after this time.
    He must have left about 1975’ish.

    By David Evans (13/02/2017)
  • Thanks Jon for helping to fill in some of the names which I have now inserted. Can you indicate which one was Hart as after nearly forty years I cannot now put a face to that name

    By Andy Lawrence (06/11/2011)
  • Andrew Jackson Grant McNaughton Mills Nicholas Berry Robert Timmis Hart

    By Jon doar (24/10/2011)

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