The Grange, Hoddesdon

By Steve Whitlam

The following information was submitted by Glenys Lardi as part of Broxbourne Council’s Year of Heritage in 2015

Oxenden Drive, Hoddesdon was originally the garden of The Grange.  The old wall of the house, on the High Street, carries a small plaque. This plaque refers to the position of the fountain of fresh water, piped at the expense of Marmaduke Rawdon, to the town for the benefit of the townsfolk.  The Grange is now a children’s nursery and over the wrought iron front gates, again on the High Road, there used to be, in large gilded letters, the name THE GRANGE. This historic building dates from 1657.

Another feature of The Grange is the wrought iron gates at the rear of the property – now in Oxenden Drive – which bears the monogram of Lady Arabella Oxenden in the centre, i.e. AO.  They are an attractive feature facing onto Barclay Park.

Plaque outside The Grange
Gladys Lardi
Gates to the garden of The Grange
Glenys Lardi
The Grange
Glenys Lardi
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  • The bottom image shows Rawdon House not The Grange.

    By David Dent (20/01/2024)
  • I remember when I was a child in Hoddesdon, having lived in Hawthorn Road, Rye Park., a lady we always knew as Mrs Tuke Taylor lived there by all accounts a nice lady, but on a very sunny day as I remember there was great talk in the town Mr Tuke Taylor had been killed in a road accident in the High Street just by the Meadows Grocery store I believe, there was a sadness in the town, I was to young to understand the sentiment but obviously the lady was well known.

    By Ron Jack (01/03/2021)
  • My mother remembers visiting Lorna and says she had a green book with family history. I believe she is somehow related as we talked about the green book in relation to her family tree (She was a Deacon).
    I would be really interested to know more about the connection (if there is one).

    By Suzy Ralphs (29/08/2018)
  • Hello, I am Peter Tuke Taylor and used to visit the Grange to see my grandmother, Gran Tuke. My father, Vernon Tuke Taylor grew up there. The name Lorna Tuke Taylor sounds familiar and my sister Christine Kehrer might be able to give you more information. Try contacting her at ckehrer@gmail .com Where did you aquire the bench?

    By peter tuke taylor (22/10/2016)
  • Can you tell me when family last lived in the house? Their name? I have a bench that when the upholstery was removed, The Grange Hoddeson was written in the shop order. Loma Tuke Tyler was another name. It was worked on in 1954. It appears very old. Ornately carved, small bench. I am very intrigued! Thank you!

    By Lynn Dosch (01/06/2016)