My little brother's adventure

by Moira Millar

I grew up in a small village in Scotland. My first week at school, the teacher had shown us a leather strap, which we would be smacked with if we got into trouble! In the first week, I was walking to school, alone, as we did in those days, taking a short-cut through a farmer’s field. We were not allowed to do this, but the wheat was taller than me, so I was sure I would not be caught.

Hearing a strange sound, I turned round, fearfully, to see my two year old brother. He was as usual dressed for mid-winter, despite it being only late August, in wool shorts, long falling down socks, a scarf, and a pair of round National Health glasses, with pink plaster over one eye, as he had a ‘squint’. I was flummoxed. What was he doing here, and on MY pink tricycle, my best Christmas present ever. He said he wanted to come to school with me. Where is Mum, I asked?

Taking him home was not an option, because of the leather strap, and my sure to be lateness. Furious with both him and my Mum, I grabbed the bike in one hand and the small boy in the other, dragging him along with me. Our granny lived on the way to school, but we had to cross a road; with me, a small boy, tricycle and cars. Having got us across the road, I knocked on Granny’s door, and smiling she said she would look after him. Whew!

Running all the way, I got to school in time. A leather strap did not reach the palm of my hand, until 8 years later, but that is another story!

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