The Cinema Trip

by Lavinia Murray, age 8

By Lavinia Murray, age 8

My mummy, Monica, is from Rome and I am half Italian, half Irish. When she was four years old she liked nothing better than to go to the cinema and watch Disney movies. She often went with her daddy, my grandad, Enzo.

At that time you did not have to pay to watch again a movie if you were inside the cinema. Poor grandad! He would have to sit through every showing because my mummy did not want to leave. On one occasion they went to the cinema to see “Peter Pan”. As usual mummy wanted to stay and watch the next showing. At this time there were no smart phones, so my grandad decided to go for a coffee and leave my mummy alone in the cinema!!

He went in a coffee shop on the other side of the square from where the cinema was. Initially my mummy did not notice he had gone. When she did, she decided to follow him. She spotted him across the road in the coffee bar. Remember, she was four years old! Across the road she went. No one knows how she did it as she was so little! It was quite a surprise for grandad.

When they got back home, grandad said to grandma that Monica found him outside the cinema. My grandad was very proud. My grandma became very cross and shouted at him.

I think this story is very funny and my mummy and grandad still remember it very well!

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  • Great story Lavinia and it is funny too.

    By Kerry Lanigan (01/05/2020)

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