Where do you come from?

by Stuart Haden

“Where do you come from?”,
I’m often asked. That is my task.
Perhaps we’re dust from the stars.
Ask the birds ’n’ bees or Tom.
The question is “How long?”
“Don’t you know the facts of life?
I emerged from the womb,
mother of humanity, a dice
ejected from the groom,
apparently, a bedroom, in tune.
Uprooted from a deeper din
(there is no such thing as sin)
according to Charles Darwin:
black, white, yellow or brown,
scientist, criminal, artist or clown.
In embryo there is a trace,
black & blue below the waist.
We are in a mad, rat race,
struggling to the tip at the top
or falling flat in a big belly flop. 
“I’m next door, down the street,
out of town & indiscreet.
Fight, write, don a crown or sleep 
in this giant whole Gaia keeps.
None know the secret Gaia keeps.”


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  • I like the way you have used different font sizes. I think many find this a difficult question to answer.

    By Kathy (01/07/2020)
  • Ok you have my attention. But I am struggling to get the puzzles.

    By Don (07/04/2020)

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