Leisure time in Hitchin


By David Colbeck

The highlight of our year socially during this time was the Priory Fete, run by Hitchin Conservative Ass’n and held in the grounds of Hitchin Priory at the bottom of Sun Street/Tilehouse Street [by kind permission of the Delme Radcliffe family!]. As I lived very close by, in the Pirton Road, this was convenient and a good place to catch up with my mates and girlfriends!

Another memory was going to see the Queen’s Coronation on the only tv in the area on June 2nd 1952. It was SO cold and wet that day. I was very interested in weather forecasting [still am!!] and recorded a temperature of 7 degrees C  max on that day. Conversely, Butts Close in August 1956 was sweltering in 32 degree heat.

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  • Although Queen Elizabeth the Second acceded to the throne on the death of her father, George VI, on 6 February 1952, her Coronation did not take place until 2 June 1953.

    By David Lewis (29/02/2020)