Myrtle Pinner's Memories

Myrtle Pinner's audio recording her memories of Hoddesdon from 1938

By Dave Hewitt

Recording of Myrtle Pinner

I was given a cassette tape by my late mother Hilda, who died about 8 years ago. She attended the United Reformed Church in Broxbourne for over ten years. Mrs Myrtle Pinner was still a part of the congregation then. The church were selling the tapes for a few shillings to raise money.

I stumbled across it while searching in my loft for old videos, which I have since posted on Youtube. I have converted the old cassette audio tape to a digital MP3 file, then uploaded with the FB group cover picture from Memories of Hoddesdon and Rye Park, so I can share this fascinating account of life in Hoddesdon before the war as Myrtle is interviewed by a broadcaster.

Since uploading this I have have done further research and, having received further information, I have discovered that Myrtle’s maiden name was Robinson, and I believe she may have been born in Poplar in 1904. I know from records that she was married in Ware to Harry Pinner in 1931. Again, I cannot prove this, but from my researches I believe she died while on holiday in the Great Yarmouth area. She was over 100 years old!

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