Walton Road Junior School, Hoddesdon

A 1948 school photograph

By Emma Paulus

Local Studies Image Collection

A photograph of Walton Road Junior School, 1948

Back row: ???, Patrick O’Neil, George Plummer, Malcolm Ward, John Hart, Stanley Ginn, Peter Lucas ? John, Derek Hughes, Andrew Lawrence, Kenneth Howlett, Peter Jackson

Fourth row: Diana Hebbs, Sylvia Hutchings, Verity Hickford/Pickford, Jennifer Izzard, Diana Hobbs, Anvilla Kell, Joyce Griffiths, Wendy Wallace, Judith Holman, Anne Rixon, Jennifer Pilgrim, Teacher

Third row: Maureen Devoil, Elizabeth Bacon, Glynes Fox, Coleen Bell, Beryl Starr, Shirley Catchpole, Sonia ?, Diana Percy, ? Templeway, Barbara Williams

Second row: Malcolm Hall, June Mann, Shirley Humphries, Ann Ashwood, Maureen Bowden, Pat Cheek, Anne Hughes, ???, Colin ?

Front row: Kenneth Willingale, Peter Thurgood, Graham ?, Trevor Williams, Raymond Mascal

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  • 2nd Colin is Colin Pratt

    By Sandra Pearce (25/12/2021)
  • Do you have any photographs year 1970/71 I went to Rye Park

    By Lisa Cook nee Harrison (04/05/2020)
  • Just opened this page and it is same one I put on Facebook only this morning

    By Peter Thurgill (18/02/2018)