Lavinia and William de Lautour

By Jim Mcjannett

I read with interest the article relating to the slaughter and cannibalism of William (Willie) Hope de Lautour, together with the murder of his father, George de Lautour, in the New Hebrides in 1890 (see A father and son massacred in the New Hebrides). Regarding William, I can offer that he was born at Mary Vale Station, North Queensland, Australia (the property of the Hann family) on 7 April 1871. The wife of George, Lavinia de Lautour, née McKinley, was of Pandanus Creek Station, Queensland, but was born in 1852 at Clare, South Australia. At the time of her husband’s death she and George were estranged. She remarried in 1892 to Mr Robert Stewart. Lavinia Stewart died at Townsville, Queensland, in 1924.

Jim McJannett (Cooktown, North Queensland)

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  • I am an historian in Australia who is studying Nicholas Young ..young Nick who sighted land in NZ first..on board the Endeavour with James Cook 1769.
    A NZ man Frank deLautour wrote a book with the help of his friend Harold Clifton Williams published 1999. Frank knew information which connected Nick Young with Hexton and the Young family of Hexton…which one I am unsure of ?
    Nick was born about 1756/57 but I am trying to find out who his parents were.
    Nick sailed with Joseph Banks 1772 to Iceland after the 1768-1771 voyage to NZ and Australia.

    By Debbie Gibson (14/05/2020)
  • My great, great grandparents are William Thornhill Tucker and Mina de Lautour. Mina was the daugher of Joseph Andrew, Lord de Lautour. Their son, Frederick St George de Lautour Booth-Tucker, therefore is my great grandfather. He married Emma Booth, daughter of General Booth, who started the Salvation Army. Frederick worked as a much loved Salvationist in India for many years. Frederick & Emma’s daughter, Lucy Mina Booth-Tucker was my grandmother and met my grandfather, Herbert Hobbs in London at the end of WWII. I am a New Zealander, currently living temporarily in London. I would be interested in chatting with Phillipa de Lautour Kelly as you are living in New Zealand. Edward and Mina de Lautour must have been brother and sister!

    By Annemarie Rawson (29/03/2020)
  • Dear Philippa,

    I read your comment with interest and was wondering if you could please share the Lautour family history. I am a historian researching the presence of East India Company officials and merchants in Hertfordshire and would be very interested to find out more about the background of the family, as well as how they subsequently came to be in New Zealand.

    Many thanks and best wishes

    Chris Jeppesen

    By Chris Jeppesen (20/09/2016)
  • Hello, I don’t know if I’m too late with this, but there is an extensive de Lautour family history available. Most de Lautours live in New Zealand now and we along with you are descended from a French aristocratic family that goes back a long while. George was the cousin of my great, great grandfather, Edward. Georges was born on the 14th of May 1846. His parents were William Francis Joseph and Eliza née, Turton. His grandparents were Joseph Andrew and Caroline née, Young. Great grandparents were Count Francis Joseph Louis de Quercy born in France in 1730 and Anne Hordle from Bath, England. They met and married in India where they lived for many years. There is much more to tell. Please reply if you want more information.

    By Phillippa de Lautour Kelly (22/07/2016)
  • I Live on Aore Island – Vanuatu where George and his son were killed in 1890.

    I am wanting any info for the history of this lovely island.

    Many thanks

    By Michelle Morris (14/03/2016)
  • I’m the great great grand daughter of Lavinia de Lautour and very interested in researching my family history.  So I was very interested to come across Jim’s comment.  I would very much like to be able to discuss further with Jim the De Lautour family history and discover if Jim is also connected to the family.  I live in Cairns, North Queensland, so it is interesting that geographically we are close but have met via this site originating on the other side of the world.

    By Sarah Collins (28/09/2015)