I was born at The Hoo on the Sixth of September, 1941!

Is there still a "The Hoo"

By Dr. Claire Cummings

I was born at “The Hoo” and so enjoyed this website and seeing the photos and reading the wonderful stories very much!  I left England after the war when my mother married my stepfather, who was and American GI from Chicago, Illinois, USA.  I grew up in Chicago and then moved to Boston and lived there working as a Professor for nearly forty years.  I now have retired and live in Florida, near St. Petersburg.  I have been back to England in 1997 with my elderly mother, who showed my sister and I all the places we lived during the war.  I absolutely remember the bombing, living in a flat in London and going into the “tubes” during air raids, and the blackout curtains we had to have.

I remember that my grandfather was an air raid warden and passed around gas masks.  He also had a launch boat the crossed the channel after the battle of Dunkirk to bring back the dead and wounded.

We never made it to my birthplace on our visit, but next year I plan to return and at least find the area even if the building is gone.

Thanks to everyone for making this website and all who contribute, I really appreciate it.

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